November 29, 2013

Every Child Is Innocent Save Them from Fear. STOP CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE

Child Sexual Abuse leaves a wound that does not heal with time but could get worse. Individuals could either grow up to be disturbed and traumatized adults or at times become abusers themselves. The impact of childhood sexual abuse stays with the person for a long time, much beyond the immediate trauma. It continues to affect them even as they continue to become adults at various levels; emotional, social, sexual and psychological.

According to WHO, India has the world’s largest number of sexually abused children, with a child below 16 years raped every 155th minute, a child below 10 every 13th hour, and one in every 10 children sexually abused at any point of time. Given the high prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and its long lasting negative impact on the life of the individual it becomes imperative that interventions are taken.

Most children quietly suffer, and don’t talk about Sexual Abuse, But we need to talk about it, so that WE can PREVENT IT and HEAL it’s ill effects.

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