February 4, 2014


Arpan, an NGO in Mumbai, has been tirelessly working on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse since 2006. Arpan empowers children, teachers, parents, NGO professionals and other care givers in multiple settings like schools, NGO set ups, institutions etc. with knowledge, skills and attitude to prevent instances of child sexual abuse. Arpan also offers psychotherapeutic/counseling support through trained, qualified therapists to children and adult survivors of sexual abuse and their families. Arpan has so far impacted the lives of over 250,000 children and adults, directly and indirectly.

Childhood is a happy time. A time spent with friends, playing, singing and being carefree. It’s also a time when children are most vulnerable to sexual abuse or an unsafe touch by a person who is more powerful than the child. This powerful person can be anyone who is an adult or an older person. While children at times, may be too small to realize this, its impact often stays with them for the rest of their lives. Arpan’s newest installation "Unsafe Touches" showcased at the Kalaghoda Festival (Mumbai) from 1st to 9th February, 2014 aims to educate parents and other family members of this quiet threat in a unique manner.

The installation – large cut-outs of children playing ring-a-ring-a-roses in bubble wrap is symbolic of the fragile and innocent childhood that needs protecting. When a person touches the bubble wrap it bursts, thus highlighting how easy it is for a child’s life to be shadowed and inundated.


For more information:
Call - 98190 51444 / 2686 2444 / 2686 8444
Counselling Support - 98190 86444 / support@arpan.org.in

Concept & Copy: Pankaj Garde and Rinku Jariwala

Designer: Pankaj Garde, Prashant Pradhan & Rinku Jariwala, The Open Sky Art team – Jayendra Mohare, Sandip Gotal, Sagar Bhosale, Pravin Dankar, Sunil Bhalerao, Mayur Zunjaker, Shekhar Kinjale, Vikram Gawari, Mayur Nikam and Dr. Prachin Jariwala.