October 30, 2007


Internet watchdog reports big jump in porn, racist websites
Agence France-PresseLast updated 07:01am (Mla time) 09/20/2007
DUBLIN -- Substantial increases in racist and pornographic websites were reported on Wednesday by an international watchdog in its first detailed analysis of illegal activity on the Internet.
INHOPE, the International Association of Internet Hotlines, said monthly trends of processed reports over a 28-month period to December 2006 showed racism and xenophobia grew by 33 percent, adult pornography by 24 percent and child pornography by 15 percent.
It said a "staggering 9,600" confirmed reports of child pornography were processed per month.
INHOPE says the report is the first step towards "a global action plan to eradicate illegal activity from the Internet.
"It is a landmark publication for policy makers, governments and industry."
Nikos Frydas, co-author of the report, said INHOPE hotlines collect reports about illegal and harmful content in over 25 countries around the world including members from Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.
"INHOPE is now in the unique position to accurately describe the illegal and harmful sectors of the Internet."
The report says that in the 28 months the INHOPE network received 900,000 reports from the general public.
There were 160,000 reports forwarded to law enforcement agencies for action, an average of 5,800 per month.
The report said 20,000 reports processed a month, or 21 percent, were about illegal or harmful content.
Half of these contained child pornography, 19 percent contained other child-related content and 28 percent contained adult pornography.
The INHOPE Association of Internet Hotlines, coordinated from Ireland, was founded in 1999.
It receives funding from the EU Safer Internet Plus Programme.

DNA dt.30th Oct, 2007
US agents use Internet to wage undercover war on child porn
US criminal investigator Flint Waters surfs the Internet, and is an undercover agent who investigates online sex crimes against children. Waters goes for stress counselling ever so often to get some of the images he's seen in a day's work out of his head, because the reality of his line of work is in sharpo contrast to the job description.
Pros :
The Internet has made it easier for law enforcement officials to track and arrest would-be-child predators, but a lack of manpower means that only two percent of known offenders are investigated and brought to justice
Cons :
But the Internet has also made it easier for predators to find their victims and to learn 'how to do their crimes better and be harder to catch.' Now, the predators know what they can get on the net, find people with the same interest and 'normalise' their view.

October 23, 2007

Adolescent boys, not girls, are bigger victims of forced sex
Vineeta Pandey
Monday, October 22, 2007 03:43 IST

Opposite sex friends most likely perpetrators for boys; neighbours for girls
NEW DELHI: Urban Indian teenagers are being hounded by demands for non-consensual sex, with boys apparently being more at risk. According to a study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University of the US, 15% of boys and 3% of girls reported that someone forcibly tried to have a physical relationship with them. Boys who had friends of the opposite sex were more likely to report attempted forced physical relationships. In fact, the most commonly reported perpetrators were female friends for boys (72%) and neighbours (60%) for girls.
Writing in the Journal for Adolescent Health, Dr PH Jaya and Michelle J Hindon said 32% of boys and 42% of girls reported being touched against their will. Boys and girls who had been employed and those who had friends of the opposite sex were more likely to report the experience. When it came to unwelcome touch, the most common perpetrators were female friends for boys (60%) and strangers for girls (93%).

The study, which covered 583 boys and 474 girls in Delhi in the age group of 15-19, does not detail who these ‘female friends’ might be or their ages. It merely states that these female friends could be dating partners, friends of the same age or older to them.
While underlining the negative effects of non-consensual sex on the minds of adolescents, Samir Parekh, consultant psychiatrist, Max Healthcare, New Delhi, finds the results among boys surprising. “If same age children are touching or having sex, then it is surprising that a 16-year-old girl will like it and a 16-year boy will not. The boy may be reluctant but it sounds culturally inappropriate to say he was forced into it by a female friend of the same age”.

Oct 22nd,2007
Saikat Neogi

Home to the second-largest child population globally, India is the world’s sixth most dangerous place for children. They constitute 40% of human trafficking victims.

A study by Shakti Vahini, an NGO working on anti-trafficking issues, found tht 378 of India’s 600 districts are affected by human trafficking. About 3-5 lakh girl children are, even by conservative standards in commercial sex and organized prostitution. For rescued children, rehabilitation remains scarce and reintegration arduous.

A study by the Ministry of Women and Child Development says 54% children have faced one or more forms of sexual abuse with states like A.P, Bihar, Assam and Delhi being frontrunners.

October 4, 2007

Lust for minors growing in India, says survey
Chetan Chauhan, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, October 03, 2007

Unlike rest of the world, the lust of men in South Asia, especially India, is growing for younger women, said Gary Lewis, South Asia head of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on Wednesday. This is resulting in trafficking syndicates targeting younger women in Nepal, Bangladesh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, trafficking hot spots in south Asia.
Lewis said that a recent study of trafficked women in Nepal to India had revealed that there is an increased demand for younger women. In 1980s, women between 14-16 were preferred, then the age in 1990s went down to 10-14 and now it is even less than 10 years. “I have come across cases where even five year-old girls have been trafficked for sexual exploitation,” Lewis told HT but added that such cases are not very rampant.
Desire for younger women is not the prime reason. The growing fear of catching sexually transmitted diseases from older women and belief that having sex with younger women is a cure for many diseases had caused this increase in demand.
What most of these girls get in return at a tender age is the dreaded HIV/AIDS. Study of trafficked women in Nepal showed that 60 per cent of positive HIV cases were of girls below the age of 15. And, all of them had got the disease from their male clients going for unprotected sex because the kids are not in a position to protest.
To have an organized effort against trafficking, UNODC will launch a unique programme next week called UN Gift. “Corporate, civil society and government will join hand to check growing trafficking in south Asia,” he said.

October 1, 2007

Sept 17
DNA - 17 year old gang raped in Faridabad by three men while on her way to meet a friend

Sept 18
Hindustan Times / Times of India – A Dalit girl, a student of Class X committed suicide after she was allegedly raped by her two OBC classmates, while she was walking to school 2 km away

DNA - Jammu: Bashir Ahme , a teacher, who had been absconding after allegedly attempting to rape a minor (9 year old) school girl at his house in Ramban district, was arrested on Monday. He had called her home on the pretext of free tuitions.

HT Café
Shocking ! School girl porn from all over …here
Highly – priced videos shot with hidden cameras showing ‘school girls’ in various stages of undress and graphic scenes of sexuality from Asia, including Kerala and Mumbai, are selling like the proverbial ‘hot cakes’. The video discs cost between Rs.100 and Rs.500 each – the more explicit the more expensive. One vendor said he sells 50 such VCD daily.

Sept 22
DNA - Jabalpur : A priest, Umanand, 40, of the Pragyadham ashram in Katangi has been arrested for raping a 14 year old student of Pragyanand Girls residential school.

Sept 24
Times of India - Mumbai: A 32 year vada pav vendor, Motilal Singh has been arrested on charges of repeatedly raping his 12 year old daughter over the past four years at their Khar (E) home. The mother was aware of it, but her father had threatened the family into silence. The girl finally ran away from the house and was rescued from Lower Parel station by NGO Saathi.

Sept 28
Hindustan Times - Aksar Bhagat (22), a Titwala resident was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly raping a 15 yar old mentally and physically challenged girl in Ulhasnagar. Bhagat allegedly lured the girl with sweets.

Times of India - Bogota: Colombia’s capital has come up with an innovative way to fight child sex abuse with billboards displaying the photos and personal details of convicted . Some estimates talk of 2.0Lac cases of CSA per year in Columbia , more often than not committed within the family. Child rights groups say there is a big problem of denial over the issue within Colombia’s conservative society.

Sept 29
Times of India / Hindustan Times – A 6 year old was allegedly raped and thrown on a railway track in Kanpur’s Dadanagar area by a rickshaw puller.

Sept 30
Times of India - Las Vegas : A young girl who was seen being sexually assaulted in a homemade video tape has been found and is safe with relatives and sheriff’s officials, authorities said on Friday. She was 3 when the tape was made and is now 7. The accused, Chester Arthur Stiles had tenuous ties with the family through friends and though considered a suspect, is still at large