July 2, 2013

Personal Safety Education (PSE) project by Arpan

Arpan is a child centric organization and strongly believes in empowering children with adequate knowledge, attitude and skills to prevent instances of child sexual abuse as well as to seek support when such an incident has occurred. 

In alignment with this philosophy, one of the core interventions of Arpan is the “Personal Safety Education  Project”. 
Personal Safety Education (PSE) being conducted at a school
The Personal Safety Education (PSE) project by Arpan empowers children to protect themselves from sexual abuse, by giving them assertive skills and helping them identify their support network. 

Arpan conducts this module with children in privately owned and government schools as well as with highly vulnerable groups of children through NGO’s, and in shelter homes and orphanages.

Arpan has reached out to more than 11,000 children and 7,000 parents and teachers across Mumbai and Thane through schools by implementing the Personal Safety Education (PSE). 


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