October 31, 2011


Times of India

5K kids sexually abused in ’10

1,408 Children Killed In Country Last Yr: Govt Report

New Delhi: As many as 5,484 children were sexually assaulted and 1,408 others killed in different parts of the country last year, according to a government report.

Giving a gloomy picture of treatment of children in the country, the latest National Crime Records Bureau data also says that 10,670 children were kidnapped or abducted during the year in various states and Union Territories.

Uttar Pradesh topped the list of child murders with 315 cases. In Madhya Pradesh the highest number of children faced sexual assault with the number of cases standing at 1,182 for the same period.

Maharastra had 211 cases of child murders with another 200 such cases in Bihar and 124 victims in Madhya Pradesh, the NCRB data reveals. In the last year, Maharashtra had 747 cases of child sexual assault, Uttar Pradesh had 451 and Andhra Pradesh recorded 446 such cases. Similarly, Chattisgarh recorded 382 such cases with Rajasthan close at its heels with 369 such incidents reported.

In Delhi, 29 children were murdered and 304 others were raped in 2010.
The national capital has reported the highest number of kidnapping of children in the country— 2,982, followed by Bihar (1,359), Uttar Pradesh (1,225), Maharashtra (749), Rajasthan (706), Andhra Pradesh (581) and Gujarat (565). AGENCIES

Sexual exploitation of minor girls up by 186%

New Delhi: An increasing number of children, particularly minor girls, are being trafficked for sexual exploitation, according to the National Crime Records Bureau data.

Cases of sexual exploitation of minor girls jumped from 237 in 2009 to 679 in 2010, a 186.5% increase. West Bengal reported 200 cases, followed by Bihar (152).

While crime against children went up by 10%, the corresponding figure for women stood at 4.8%. A total of 26,694 cases of crime against kids were reported in 2010, up from 24,201 cases in 2009. While MP (4,912) accounted for 18.4% of the cases, Delhi recorded 3,630 incidents (13.6%). Only 100 cases of infanticide and 111 cases of foeticide were reported last year, indicating social suppression of the problem.

The NCRB data found that Delhi accounted for 16% of the crime reported against women, followed by Hyderabad among 35 cities with over 10 lakh population.

Of the 2.13 lakh crimes against women in 2010, Andhra topped with 27,244 cases, or 12.8%, while Tripura had the highest rate of crime against women at 46.5%. Women were troubled most by domestic violence: as many as 94,041 cases were reported, an increase of 5%.


5K kids faced sex assaults last year

The latest NCRB ( National Crimes Records Bureau) data about crimes committed against children paints a gloomy picture. As many as 5484 children were sexually assaulted, 1408 were killed in various parts of the country last year.

Sexual assaults OF CHILDREN

Maharashtra : 747
UP : 451
AP : 446
DELHI : 304 raped & 29 MURDERED
M.P : 1182 raped and 124 KILLED


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