January 23, 2011

Times of India

Delhi again country’s rape capital

With 182 Rapes In 09,Mumbai 2nd On List

New Delhi: Delhi has never been very safe for women, and this is not just a perception.The crime figures for the national capital as compared to other cities in India for 2009 reveal that almost one-fourth of the rapes were reported from Delhi.Similarly,over one-third of kidnappings\abductions of women happened in Delhi,15% of dowry deaths and 14% of molestation cases.

The figures released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) of the home ministry on Thursday,show among 35 mega cities in India, Delhi reported 404 out of 1,696 rapes;1,379 out of total 3,544 of kidnapping and abduction of women,104 out of 684 of dowry deaths and 491 out of 3,477 of molestation during the period.

Among the states,the dubious distinction of the rape state has gone to Madhya Pradesh which had reported the highest number of rape cases (2,998),accounting for 14% of total such case reported in the country.

But if one looks at the figures of Incest Rape (that is rape by someone in the family),Chhattisgarh reported the highest number in all,107.

Incest rape cases have increased by 30.7%from 309 cases in 2008 to 404 cases in 2009 as compared to 0.3% decrease in overall rape cases.Crime experts say the highest number of rapes in the country is incest rapes,although they are often not reported.

Besides Delhi,the other cities which reported rapes in bigger number are Mumbai (182),Bhopal (117),Jabalpur (76),Jaipur (69) and Pune (67).Incidentally,most of the rapes were committed by those offenders who knew the victims.Overall,21,21,345 of the IPC cases (which include violent crimes like murder,attempt to murder,rape,culpable homicide not amounting to murder etc.) were reported in the country in 2009 as compared to 20,93,379 cases in 2008a marginal increase.

Among the cities,Delhi,Bangalore and Mumbai have accounted for 13.2%,9.4% and 9.1% respectively of the total crimesover one-third of the total crimes reported from 35 mega cities.


Robert Longley said...

the incest rates may be less of an actual increase, and more often an increase in disclosures. This is one of the side effects of awareness.

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