November 25, 2010


Times of India

NGO Maps Citys Violent Reality Through RTI

Mumbai: Delhi has for long been perceived as Indias rape capital,whereas Mumbai is viewed as one of the safest cities in India for women.But data on crime against women in Mumbai over the last two years paints a rather grim picture of the city,with one rape occurring every two days in Mumbai.

North-central Mumbai has witnessed the highest number of rape cases,with 75 rapes reported in two years.Meanwhile,north-west Mumbai tops the charts when it comes to molestations.Incidentally,the report shows that every area in Mumbai has seen a decrease in the number of rape cases from 2008-09 to 2009-10,except for north-west Mumbai,which has seen an increase.

The above are some of the findings of a report on crime in Mumbai by the Praja Foundation.The report is the result of a series of RTI applications.

Our analysis in this white paper does not directly talk about the city polices preparation for another 26/11-style attack,but of the dayto-day 26/11 situations that the city and its people are facing, said Nitai Mehta,founder trustee,Praja.
The results of the report may come as a surprise for many Mumbaikars.Take for instance the fact that South Mumbai tops the charts for murder across all regions in the city,with 90 murders committed in the area over the last two years.South Mumbai has also witnessed the highest number of housebreaks (1,114) and thefts (3,037) in this period.

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