January 21, 2010

Jan 2nd, 2010

Times of India

Delhi sheds rape capital tag in 09

From 466 Sexual Assault Cases In 08, Last Yr Saw 452

New Delhi: Women have a reason to cheer. Even as Delhi struggles hard to shed its rape capital tag, last year it actually recorded lesser number of rape and molestation cases.
Rape cases recorded a marginal decrease from 466 in 2008 to 452 in 2009. And in 97.35% of the cases, the accused were known to the victims. While 35 of the accused were relatives, 64 were friends, 212 neighbours and 129 other known persons. Around 83% of the accused were either illiterate or school dropouts, 67% were below 25 years of age and 68% belonged to economically weaker section . The police said that in 94.25% of the cases, the accused were arrested.
At least 35 of the 150 police stations did not get any reports of rape at all. Police stations in outer Delhis Bhalsawa Dairy recorded 11 cases, the highest among all police stations . When compared to other mega cities, Delhi recorded less number of rapes than Bhopal, Ludhiana and Indore.
The number of molestation cases also came down from 597 in 2008 to 532 in 2009. And like rape cases, most of the accused47 %were neighbours. Only 5% were strangers while 4% were friends and 6% were relatives.

Eve-teasers too had to think twice before making lewd gestures , for the women felt empowered by the anti-obscene helpline of the Delhi police. It received 12,108 calls out of which 11,625 call actions were taken. Special police arrangements were made around women colleges and hostels in coordination with university authorities.

The women helpline maintained by crime against women (CAW) cell also received 7,354 calls out of which 1,894 calls were related to domestic violence while 3916 calls were about missing girls, 402 were about sexual harassment .

The CAW cell also started a new police station which received nearly 8400 complaints of marital disputes out of which 3579 were settled with mediation and guidance.

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