August 18, 2008

Monday, 11th Aug, 2008
Times of India
 Over 12% victims of sexual assault did not share their trauma with anybody for 10 yearsor more, reveals a Delhi NGO study from 2000 to 2008.
 Almost 65% women had different symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder even 6 months after the assault
 The same percentage said they had suicidal thoughts intermittently for two years
 NCRB statistics show that between 1953 and 2006, incidents of rape grew by 678%. Every 27 mins a woman is raped making it the fastest growing crime in India.

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Traumatic stress reactions can be loosely divided into physical and emotional, short term and long term. Many people initially feel shock and disbelief, even denial. Also common are anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, compassion, helplessness, and survivor’s guilt.